Reclaimed Teak - Recycled Teak - SVLK

Since year 2003 AJISAKA Producer of Reclaimed/recycled Teak wood Furniture. Our furniture is made of 100% from recycled teak or reclaimed teak. Ajisaka is committed to always helping all parties to combat illegal logging, so all of Furniture uses certified wood, namely SVLK/FLEGHT and Other Certificated.
As we know it , Legality wood certification is considered a "gold standard" for wood harvested from forests that are managed responsibly, socially beneficial and environmentally conscious, So Buying furniture with legal certificates helps support sustainable forest management.

Ajisaka always continues Production and Development with Indoor and Outdoor Furniture style use of 100% Solid reclaimed/Recycled teak wood , and 100% environmentally friendly. We understand that the market requirement between countries are so vary, that is why Ajisaka also producing furniture based on customers own design or drawing. this is our life so awareness of production due date, Quality , Reasonable Price and Service is our comittment. Ajisaka is ideal place for you to get furniture of your dream. Please look around our website and contact us to more discuss to get actual reference and make the better life in future together.
Road map of recyled teak cabinet - reclaimed teak wood furniture
Road show of Reclaimed teak Table - Dingklik Table
All Reclaimed Wood Product certified Indonesia Legal Wood
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Contact us : ajisakacv@gmail.com